As a Pontiac owner, you are part of a rich heritage and tradition that                                                                                 had it’s inception back in 1926. Pontiac has some of the best looking,                                                                                     best driving and best engineered cars the automotive world has ever                                                                                     known. Why not celebrate this wonderful heritage and join the fun, that                                                                                 other Pontiac owners have discovered? As a valued Pontiac owner we                                                                                   want you to know there are other Pontiac owners just like yourself.                                                                                         Why not sign up with us and help us continue the legacy that is                                                                                               Pontiac? It’s a great way to earn new friends, learn more about your                                                                                       Pontiac and participate in a vast number of social activities. The Wide                                                                                   Track Warriors of central Florida is a long established Pontiac club with                                                                                 a 20+ year history. We host several events throughout the year such as several cruise-in’s, parties, participating in parades, go-cart racing, community events, as well as some car shows. The club has it’s own message board and newsletter to help all members keep up to date on the latest happenings.

The Wide Track Warriors has always been about people getting together and having a good time. It doesn't matter if you drive a classic Pontiac or the latest Pontiac’s fresh off the showroom floor. Our club is full of great people, some of whom have amazing Pontiac’s. If you love your Pontiac then this is the club for you. Pontiac’s of all years are welcomed in this club. We're not strictly a “classic or custom show car” type of club. We are here for Pontiac owners of all models and years.

We hold our monthly meetings and Pontiac Cruise In at BurgerFi in Altamonte Springs on the third Saturday of each month beginning at 5pm.

We host our annual car show in March each year. This is a huge event with lots of prizes and the most unique awards ever presented by any car show. It’s open to all Pontiac’s and there is awards for all classes. It has become one of the very best Pontiac car shows in the southeast. It has received recognition in several magazines such as High performance Pontiac, the Pontiac Registry, and NFTAC. A vast number of Pontiac owners travel great distances to attend this wonderful show of ours and we strive to improve upon it each and every year…

We work closely with our chosen charity “Pet Rescue by Judy”. We try to help support her at the various events she attends when space is available. We offer to display our Pontiacs to help draw attention to her booth and cause. While we get to enjoy the fun and introduce ourselves to people that might never come to a car show. 

We are active in the community and participate in the Winter Park Christmas parade. We also create events and activities for club members to enjoy. We have over the years taken trips to the Space Center, Cypress Gardens, Silver springs, The Sugar Mill, and the Central Florida Zoo to name a few. We offer advice and tech help on your Pontiac. 

Isn't it about time you joined? 

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